Anyone who has visited the Dordogne will know that it is very difficult to obtain a taxi in the evenings. Generally, taxi services here work during daytime hours unless booked well in advance!

Having been here a few years now we were beginning to think we’d always have to assign a designated driver every time we wanted to go out for dinner in Sarlat or further afield.

Fortunately we have discovered Christoph and his ‘A La Carte’ taxi service! Christoph is available 24/7, speaks many languages including English (perfectly), is extremely friendly and courteous and he now knows us at La Blanquette very well!

He has a large Land Rover Discovery, fully equipped, which seats 6 people plus himself and is shortly (as we write) to take delivery of an eco-friendly Tesla vehicle for smaller parties.

So, if you are in need of transport around the Dordogne area during your stay at La Blanquette (so you can enjoy the fabulous wines here!) or require transport to/from your airport or train station, do not hesitate to contact him.


Christoph Kusters

Les Cèdres
24220 St Vincent de Cosse

 t: 05 53 31 80 57
m: 06 08 70 61 67


Christoph’s website can be found here : TAXI “A LA CARTE”