All the signposts to the gardens from Sarlat take you via the pretty hilltop town of Salignac, however on the return journey we found it is a lot closer to La Blanquette through the local village of Sainte Nathalene!

The gardens occupy a hillside South West of Salignac, with a walking route around the outside of the Manoir’s gardens as well as a ‘curated’ pamphlet route through the beautiful gardens adjacent to the Manoir itself. We took the dogs, and this time did the walking route inside the main grounds and plan to do the longer route on our next visit. Dogs are admitted on leads inside the main gardens.

The curated route takes you through the various themed gardens of the 17th Century Manoir, including some fantastic topiary, a kitchen garden and our favourite, the flower garden of beautiful and colourfully striking wild sown blooms.

The Manoir itself is also a beautifully presented building with a tiny chapel and other annexes/outbuildings. Very few of the buildings can be viewed inside though as the owners still occupy the property. One of the refreshing things we noted was that the owner, Patrick Sermadiras De Pouzols De Lile, actually includes his mobile phone number in the garden’s literature if you have any questions or suggestions!

There is a gift shop and also a very nice restaurant with a terrace that looks out over one section of the gardens.

More details (and some better photos!) can be found on the Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac website.