With the relegation of C.A.Brive last season from the French Top 14 the nearest top-flight rugby teams are now Bordeaux, Toulouse or Agen, sadly all are about two hours drive away.

However, locally the Sarlat team (CASPN – Club  Athlétique  Sarlat  Périgord  Noir) are doing very well, and were promoted last season to Federale 2 in the French Rugby Federation and are consolidating their position very well in the top half of the table.

The stadium (Stade de Madrazes) is very close to La Blanquette, a few minutes drive or about 45 minutes walk and is on our side of the town. Home games are generally played on a Sunday, and adult tickets are about 7 Euros. It’s 2 Euros for a beer from the bar underneath the main stand.

There’s always a good family atmosphere at the matches and at the game we watched today the hosts beat Angouleme (who are currently the league leaders), it was a great effort by the Sarlat team.

More information and news on fixtures can be found on the rugby club’s website : CASPN

Allez Sarlat!