The streets of Domme are a well-trodden path for tourists and visitors to the region, but it is one of the places we really enjoy returning to. Historically the site was a medieval village which had to defend itself against numerous invaders, hence in 1281 a new royal ‘bastide’ or fortified town was built : Domme.

From its clifftop vantage point, the medieval fortress town overlooks the Dordogne valley, offering an exceptional panoramic view.

Although we have not yet tried it, beneath the bastide of Domme is the largest natural cave in the Périgord Noir, featuring colonnades, stalactites and stalagmites. The entrance way is located inside the 17th century town hall and beyond are about 450 metres of grottos. As we haven’t been down into the Grotte yet we will report back once we have visited. (We always get distracted by a pichet of wine at one of the cafes!)

There are some great cafes and restaurants from which you can enjoy the views, either across the valley or of the pretty bastide buildings themselves, and there are many shops selling traditional crafts and produce. There is always something new to see and experience whenever we go to Domme.

If you park in the car park outside the town walls and don’t fancy the walk up the hill, take the Domme Express which is the little tourist train which circuits the town. Also note, we always avoid the car park outside the walls and drive up into the bastide itself, where there is another small car park at the top of the hill near to the panoramic viewpoint. Even when Domme is busy with visitors there almost always seems to be a space.